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Baby back ribs with maple BBQ sauce

Baby back ribs with maple BBQ sauce

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Baby back ribs, smoked with maple wood, homemade spice rubs and maple BBQ sauce, full rack. The ribs are never boiled but fully cooked and finished in the smokehouse.

Pork *well raised* without hormones or antibiotics,


1 whole rack


Pork without hormones or antibiotics, tomato sauce, molasses, water, canola oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, Tabasco sauce, spices, salt

Mode de cuisson

<strong>On the stovetop</strong> : Keep the product in the bag<br> <strong>Cooking times are calculated assuming that the products are frozen</strong> and may vary depending on the stove. <strong>Check regularly to avoid overcooking the product.</strong><br> The product must be immersed in simmering water for 30 minutes with its original food packaging.<br> Check that your bag is not damaged and that the sealing strip is intact before proceeding. If the ribs packaging bag is damaged, please refer to the oven cooking instructions.<br> <strong>In the oven</strong> : remove the plastic wrapping<br> Frozen product: 60 minutes wrapped in aluminum foil at 350F<br> Thawed product: 30 minutes wrapped in aluminum foil at 350F

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