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rustic pizza

rustic pizza

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Rustic beef smoked meat pizza: homemade beef smoked meat, local cheese curds, homemade BBQ sauce, homemade paste and tomato sauce.

Rustic Péppé-Bacon pizza: homemade pepperoni, local cheese curds, slices of crispy bacon, dough and homemade tomato sauce.

Rustic Pulled Pork Pizza: homemade pulled pork, local cheese curds, homemade dough and tomato sauce.

Rustic Wagyu beef sausage pizza: local cheese curds, homemade tomato paste and sauce, dried Wagyu beef QC sausages.

Rustic Greek pizza: homemade tomato dough and sauce, Feta cheese and cheddar curds from Fromagerie Roy, homemade pepperoni, black olives, Greek spices


9 inches


Rustic smoked beef pizza: crust (wheat flour, butter), smoked beef, cheddar cheese curds, homemade BBQ sauce (tomato sauce, molasses, vinegar, canola oil, worcestershire sauce (fish), soy, sugar brown, maple syrup, spices, red peppers), tomato sauce Rustic pizza Peppé-Bacon: Crust (wheat flour, butter), pepperoni (pork without hormones or antibiotics, spices), cheddar cheese curds, crispy bacon slices (pork, maple sugar, pepper), homemade tomato sauce Rustic pizza Pulled pork: crust (wheat flour, butter), pulled pork (without hormones or antibiotics, spices), cheddar cheese curds, pepperoni (pork without hormones or antibiotic, spices), homemade tomato sauce Rustic pizza Qc Wagyu beef peperonni: crust (wheat flour, butter), homemade Quebec wagyu beef pepperoni (Wagyu beef, spices), cheddar cheese curds and homemade tomato sauce

Cooking mode

Cook from frozen; put on a cookie sheet or pizza pan or plate with parchment paper, preheat oven to 425f and cook for 16 minutes if your oven is convection

Oven WITHOUT convection:

Allow + or - 4 minutes more.

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