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Poutine Sausages

Poutine Sausages

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Sausages with poutine, a whole poutine in a sausage!!



Pack of 4


Pork *well raised* without hormones or antibiotics, cheddar cheese curds, fried Lanaudoise red potatoes (Canola oil) and our famous poutine sauce (Canola oil, homemade chicken bone broth, salt, worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce , red pepper sauce, wheat flour, corn starch, soy, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, spices, salt, pepper (Contains: Fish)

Mode de cuisson

Do not boil and do not prick In the oven: Cook on a 425F baking sheet, turn half time Thawed: 16-18 min / Frozen: 18-20 min On the stove: Cook on low heat, alternating sides to 3 -4 minutes Thawed: 15-16 min / Frozen: 17-20 min

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